Monday, September 10, 2012


Upn my return to the United States, I landed in Las Vegas, even though home for me has always been Cheyenne, Wyoming.

Its been a little unsettling moving so much. From Lugano to Frankfurt; from Frankfurt to Las Vegas. Soon enough it will be Las Vegas to Salamanca. It's keeps life interesting, though.

There's always something to do in Las Vegas, but getting there is always the problem. This city is impossible without a car. Public transportation is almost nonexistent.

Even so, my parents still drive me to the other side of town every week to take me to salsa lessons. I guess you could call this my welcome home present. Do my parents know me or what? So I bought a pair of shoes on sale at Macy's and I hit the floor twice a week!

My parents and I go to the strip on weekends. We even took a day to hike through Valley of Fire nearby. We've eaten at every kind of restaurant you can imagine: Greek, Salvadorian, Bulgarian, Persian, Etheopian, Mississippi, kosher, Honduran, Russian, Cuban, cupcake...

We do not lack in culinary experience.

Through it all, I remember why I enjoyed my one year in Switzerland more than most of my life:

-there's no public transportation system to speak of (and I don't have a car)
- very few places in the US are "walking cities"
- there are absolutely no cheap flights (Ryanair, easyjet, wizzair)
-Under 21 and you're treated without respect (treat us like an adult, and we'll act like one.)
- there's no challenge for me (I know how American work, I understand their language. not fun)

So even though I live in one of the most entertaining cities in the world, I'm stuck inside the house. Even though I do live in a wonderful country, I'm not improving my French, German, Swiss German, etc. 

Oh, and there aren't any good Swiss cheeses at the grocery store. A bitter disappointment.

Countdown: 13 days until departure.

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