Saturday, August 27, 2011


So Majda and I walk into this store that's advirtising 70% off in the window. I walk in to see a cramped room filled with shoes and Burberry brand apparel. The man greated me in Italian, cordially. I'm just browsing, looking at prices. And by the first D&G price tag I see, I know this is out of my range even with the sale. I look around anyway.
 Well, the guy ends up pulling out these awesome shorts that I had to try on so I did. I get them on and decided they did fit right on the waiste and as I was pulling them down, they guy opens the curtain and asks how they fit. Hm. I just told them they didn't fit, so he pulled out a second article of clothing for me, a really nice green top to wear with leggings. Great fit, bad price. I take it off, he opens the door. Good thing I had my swimsuit on. I go to look at the shoes and he tells me to call him if I really wanted the top. He'd be leaving for Sweden soon for five months. He also told me to call him if I wanted to get together and have him show me around Lugano...well, that explains that.

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