Saturday, August 27, 2011

Day on the Lake

Today couldn't have been any more perfect...and it's only 1500! Although I didnt wake up til 9, I did manage to run out the door and snag a couple apricots and muelsi. My morning was spent with an intimate group of Franklin students in this field. We chatted, ate lunch, played Apples to Apples, and took a plethora of pictures. Majda (friend from Jordan) and I played at the park and went on the swings. She's informally teaching me Arabic, by the way. And we found this...thing. It was a spikey green ball that grew on a nearby tree. When I say spikey, I men sharp. I ended up pulling out the old hand sanitizer and neosporin for a friend from Bahrain whose lovely name I can't spell. She actually started bleeding from this thing! The whole time we tried to get this thing open and decided that whatever this thing is holds the secrets of the universe.
  On the walk through downtown Lugano we went by a farmers market. Lo and behold, there was our source of entertainment. Aparently, it's the outer shell to a chestnut...
  The group went paddleboating afterwards. This was the absolute reason I chose this excursion! We rented the boats with the slides on them. I'm so glad I wore my swimsuit because that was the freshest body of water I've been in. The water was so blue, it gave off an aura of simple happiness. There wasn't anything that would bite; there wasn't any trash, and it was so clear I could see my feet, clearly.
  We topped off the group journey with a scoop of gelato (paid for by the school, score); I got the Nutella flavor.

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