Wednesday, July 10, 2013

movie night

Because I don´t have a television, people ask ¨So what kind of movies and shows do you stream?¨ The answer: nothing.

I used to have a swiss website I used to use, but they were hacked and have never worked well outside of Europe anyway.

Being clumsy and not very tech savvy usually keeps me at a safe distance from things like iPads, iPods, iPhones, and even the prehistoric home Computer.

The other day, though,  I tried streaming ¨Eat Pray Love¨. After clicking a few buttons here and there without much thought about what I was okay-ing, I was blocked by a screen that claimed to be the US Department of Justice. Under Article 1, Section 7, they accused me of pursuing some ghastly internet material and told me I might be convicted as a felon if I didn´t take action within three days. Oh, and they also requested 300 USD.

This charge (in addition to not having a phone number or any contact information) concerned me, but there I was, tossing and turning all night thinking about how I was going to pay 300 USD within three days without a job and how this would look to Swiss authorities if I decide to apply for my Swiss passport. Always thinking ahead, I am.

Turns out I was hacked by a Bulgarian terrorist organisation when I tried uploading ¨Eat Pray Love¨  Saturday night. I´m exaggerating about the terrorist organization part, but I was told that the 40 viruses on my computer were traced back to the Balkin region...

(My anger was alleviated and I even smiled a little when I heard my woes and worries could have stemmed from Bulgaria).

So now I only have to pay 200 USD to clear my computer of Bulgarian bugs and I´m estatic to say I´m in no way about to run into a felony conviction.

This is why I prefer to read. On my window sill right now is ¨I´m a Stranger Here Myself¨ (Bill Bryson), the Swiss Constitution, and you guessed it, ¨Eat Pray Love¨ (Elizabeth Gilbert).

Call me a caveman, but I prefer a book that doesn´t have to be charged or will eventually charge me.

If you´re interested in a real travel blog, I´ll refer you to my favorite source of online entertainment:

An Irish perspective on life in Lativa. This is the only blog I follow because well, all the other travel blogs I´ve read just aren´t as good as hers. Cheers.

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