Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Naranjas, Bachata, Bocata

Confession: I've never actually been IN Valencia.

 This was my second trip to this seaside city of about 800,000. You'd think I would have made my way around the monuments, cathedrals, and such. Wrong.

I've only been to the big science museum, the beach (the Balearic Sea, not the Mediterranean), and various houses of friends.

Ahh, and are they some of my favorite moments within Spanish boarders.

Last year I went to a New Year's celebration with the friends I met in Malta. I met some people there and we've kept in contact ever since. Since my friends from last year were busy (or in Peru) I stayed in Burjassot, on the other side of town.

Once again, it was a long, merciless nine hours in a bus, but I arrived to a group of people I recognised. Oh, was it a good feeling.

So instead of Saul and Jessenia, I was with Vicente, Luis, Alexandra, and Ada (perrito). eek!!!

Spreading my wisdom like I do, I introduced them to Orujo. ;) They also thought I was absolutely psycho for going swimming in November. The water was really quite manageable, but Vicente didn't think so. The other two didn't even take their shoes off...

May I add that Vicente makes a stellar bocadillo? His aunt made paella for me. Between the two, I nearly died.

Oh! And Vicente made a dessert out of oranges for me. (Valencia is famous for its oranges) He boiled them with sugar and voila. Oranges a la Vicente. It's not a traditional dish of Valencia or anything, just something a native thought up.

To sum it up, I ate really well this weekend.

Saturday was spent at La Bamba, a salsa club. We had a reservation for 20 of us or so.

It. was. AWESOME.

And Vicente was the best date of my life. Even though, I fell on the dance floor, awkward. He was always trying to get me to salsa; I got him to bachata. Only once, though. jejeje I wore the dress I bought on sale in a little boutique in Split, Croatia (I feel like this is really important...). I was also wearing my woman shoes, the real high heels. Well, they're high for salsa anyway.

Entire night of dancing = angry feet. That really had to have been the best club I've been to in a long time (well, since Potes, Cantabria jajaja). Vicente ended up carrying me home on his back. All the way a Spartan.

We went to the beach again, we danced more bachata and merengue at his house, I helped him with his english homework, I missed my bus to Madrid. Less than 4 minutes...gah.

His mom sent me home with a bag full of Valencian oranges, which make fabulous snacks in between my grammer and History of Spain classes.

uff, muchisimas gracias para lo mejor finde Vicente, Luis, Loli, y Alex!! Visitame en Las Vegas!

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