Saturday, June 9, 2012

The Norm

Work with Ernst & Young starts around 8:30 and ends about 18:00. If I go out to eat for lunch, I always go to ThaiTime across the street and order the spiciest thing on the menu. For instance, yeterday I ordered spicy tofu with spicy vegetables with extra spicy sauce. I ate it all. And it felt good.

My days are filled with filing, Excel spreadsheets, Mappe (folders), and large amounts of caffinated tea. For now anyway. The interns were givin a large assignment but we'll see where that goes.

After work on Tuesday I went to the Eschborn library. I was checking out "kids" books before but I've taken a step back. Some of them were more difficult than I realised so now, I check out books from the baby section. That's right, the small, square, cardboard kind that I could chew if I started teething again. So I'm starting from the very bottom, as a native, and working my way up. I couldn't find any eveing classes so this is the route I'm going. If it gets me to a level to where I can learn Swiss German, then I'm all for it.

I found a salsa club last night but it wasn't salsa was ragaeton night. gah. So I left and was home by 23:00. fail. But I plan on going again tonight with my friend from Turkey. We have yet to get together but this might be our chance. Or I could just invite her out to Vegas. =D

Update for the fall: I've officially eliminated the American University of Beirut for the options. It would have been too expensive and they didn't have a program that I was really passionate about. I would have attended if they had Music as a major, not just a minor. I was having trouble deciding between Anthropology, Nursing, Archeology, and whatever else was in my head at the time. They sound like fun, but I think my calling is elsewhere.

For breakfast this morning I chopped some dried figs and mixed it with the Russian buckwheat honey. It made this really thick paste. I put some really fresh, hearty Bulgarian yogurt on top and  whipped it together. That could have been one of the best yogurt breakfasts in the history of mandkind.

After a rough week in the office, I just want to go to Bulgaria. Swimsuit-check, camera-check, passport-check, Gloria Dumas-missing from my life.

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